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From Gruvi Mystics

Gifted psychic medium, Ann Roman, has been helping people around the world for decades.  After a trip to New England, channeling for the Who’s Who of Boston, she had a vision of creating a global network and helping people start their lives over.  

Sharing this vision with her son Peter, he gave her the idea to create an online psychic healing space, to include other like minded healers and the best psychics she could find.  After giving much thought to this idea, numbers calculated, stars addressed, the schematics were drawn and Gruvi Mystics was born.  

Ann reached out to a handful of amazing psychic colleagues and asked if they would be interested to join this great venture!  Their excitement in the opportunity created a Gruvi tidal wave that covered the globe and brought many healers, psychics, and gifted artists straight to her welcoming, healing hands. Ann personally interviewed all the applicants and chose the finest, most remarkable healers, psychics, astrologers, numerologist, runes, akashic record, tarot, angel card, pendulum, aura, readers, clairvoyant, intuitives and psychic mediums to share with you, her Gruvi Mystics clients.

We’ve had some twists and turns, stops and starts, losses and gains along this Gruvi road of mystics!  The support has been tremendous!  After some fine tuning and working with the right people building and creating this site, we are ready for the world. 

The vision is now a reality! Thank you for popping in to share this experience with us.  Always know a portion of the proceeds will go to a non profit for growth and healing.

Meet A Few of Our Psychic Advisors

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Psychic, Astrology,


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Psychic, Spiritual Guidance, Medium


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Clairvoyant, Medium & Pendulum Dowsing