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All of the readers listed below are $29.99 for 15 minute sessions.  Simply choose a contact link.


On the psychic’s profile page select the “Set Appointment” button. We have audio and video calls.


Set up your username and password and you are all set.  Make sure to verify your email address.

Psychics Advisors

All Advisors starting at $29.99 for 15 Minute Sessions

Nell Gruvi Profile Pic

NellReview Star

Spiritual Medium

I’m a natural medium and healer. I had experienced things, felt, and knew things before they happened. READ MORE 

Claire Gruvi Profile Pic

ClaireReview Star

Clairvoyant, Medium

Claire uses the tools of pendulum dowsing & Access Consciousness to facilitate more joy, and change. READ MORE 

Ann Roman Profile

AnnReview Star

Psychic Medium

Life long psychic medium. She uses her Guides Angels to help bring you the answers you seek. READ MORE 

Majestick Gruvi Profile Pic

MajesticReview Star


My spiritual journey began in my teenage years. That’s when I realized the supernatural presence of spirit… READ MORE 

Willa Gruvi Profile Pic

WillaReview Star

Pendulums, Intuitive

Using light and love to channel with her guides, Willa has an innate ability to connect with people on a very deep personal level. READ MORE 

Cathy S Gruvi Profile Pic

Cathy SReview Star

Astrology & Tarot

I’m a life-long educator who served as a teacher, principal, and public school administrator. This experience helped me to gain interpersonal skills… READ MORE 

Tazz Gruvi Profile Pic

TazzReview Star

Angel, Astro-Numerology

In 2019 I personally needed an answer, and off my glass table-top bounced a sparkly golden box of ANGEL CARDS to the floor and into my life! READ MORE 

Julie Gruvi Profile Pic

JulieReview Star

Astrology & Tarot

I have had the Gift of “sight” my whole life. I became Aware of being in my body at the age of 3. I believed everybody had Guides… READ MORE 

Raphaela Gruvi Profile Pic

RaphaelaReview Star

Spiritual Counselor

I’m Raphaela and I am here to help, listen and guide you with my guide Wolf. I am a natural medium and have been spirit trained all my life. READ MORE 

Allorah Gruvi Profile Pic

AllorahReview Star

Minister & Manifestation

I have been working professionally as a trusted intuitive life coach and counselor for over 15 years, I am an ordained minister based within the US. READ MORE 

Tricia Gruvi Profile Pic

TriciaReview Star

Tarot/Oracle Card Reader

have been a professional card reader for 10 years. I see divination tools as a way that our guides communicate with us. My role is to objectively interpret your guidance as shown through the cards. READ MORE 

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