Oil Magic

The ancient Egyptians invented essential oils. Rose oil was poured into the Nile when Queen Cleopatra was going on her barge. It was used to excite and bring the crowd to ecstasy, that’s how potent oils can be, if used in the right way!  Oil magic has been used for hundreds of years by doctors, nurses, farmers, mothers, kitchen witches and apothecaries for any malady or need. 

Our own JuJu Queen Raffie, as her South African friends have named her, has given use marvelous recipes!  Raffie is a natural psychic and medium with a passion for all things mystical.  She has the gift of  Oil Magic and has helped many, using her skills of alchemy and kitchen witch wisdom.  She has agreed to share her special recipes for you to make yourself using simple ingredients such as herbs, spices and oils you may find in your own kitchen cupboards! 

It is vital that you understand, Magic oils must be made with love and the understanding that you are charging the oil to do something for you.   When we add ingredients to the oil we are creating a LIVE oil. Magic Oils are very potent and they must be created with good intentions…lots of love and respect and NEVER to be used for harm.