If you look closely, you can see evidence of fairies. It’s true…they are out there prancing about in your garden, especially in the woods. They also love beautiful gardens and often look like the flowers they frolic in. If you look close enough, you might even be lucky enough to see one! Might be…but don’t count on it! If you do see a fairy, please promise you won’t try to catch it! After all, that isn’t nice!  

Having a Mother from England, it was normal to talk about Fairy folklore and the existence of fairies was so important in my upbringing. If there were treats or some special biscuit, we would hear, “Ohh, look what the fairies brought!” If you were making a scene or being too loud, we would hear, “quiet you, the fairies are listening!” We had fairy posters, books about fairies and we made special fairy gardens out in the secret garden near my play house. We believed in fairy magic. The fairies were always with us as we giggled and had fun.  

Years ago, while hiking with my own children, we found what we thought was a fairy village in the woods by our house. It was unreal!! There was furniture fashioned of tiny twigs, acorns and leaves. This tiny fairy village was nestled into the embankment among the roots. A spectacular find for any fairy connoisseur, like us.  

Another time years later, my son said, “I’ll take you to a place in the woods that’s alive with fairies and wood sprites…you won’t believe it!!” Apparently, my daughter took him to this spot years before. I had heard of it many times and couldn’t wait to experience it.  

Off we went, traipsing through the woods for a couple of miles. My son was ahead of me leading the hike when all of a sudden I could feel the feeling. You know that feeling of being watched but nobodies there? I

Then I started seeing things move but when I stopped to look, there was nothing! The vibe of the forest changed and it became playful. I felt a different sensation as though I was being told ‘you’re in our realm, behave yourself!!’ After a few minutes of this strange forest feeling I asked my son, hey are we there yet??? He turned to me and said, “you’re in it! And you have been for the last five minutes!!” He was waiting for me to acknowledge our whereabouts in the fairy realm. Oh yes…we felt it and heard all sorts of loud noises. Nothing looked the same as we kept walking forward and then before we knew i, the trail was gone!! Ah oh! We both felt the strong message: do not go back the way you came! “Ok fairies, lead us back!” we both asked out loud. Up and over the hill we went, not knowing where we would end up. After about an hour or two (who knows, we were in fairy time,) there we were. Back at our car, finally!  

On the lighter side, about ten years ago my sister sent me a photo of all the flowers she had spent the afternoon arranging for an event the following day. The flower arraignments were gorgeous. Looking at the photo she sent, I noticed a little creature in the center. I text back to my sister, “your flowers are gorgeous, did you feel like you had a little helper?” She responded and said yes, she did! I blew up the photo, sent it back and said “you did…in the center of the photo was a perfect fairy specimen!” But the fairy was nowhere to be found as she looked for it in all the arrangements she had taken a photo of minutes before.  

So there you have it. Yes, I believe in fairies! Do you? 

✨I respect and honor the fairies and I look forward to their help when I need it.✨