I love looking at this card of the Queen as there is so many fortuitous symbols. This nurturing Queen sits on her throne, carved with symbols of what she represents. One of these symbols is a rams head, symbolic of a Capricorn and hard work. We also see flowers and fruit which symbolize abundance. Holding her coin, she is showing that she is proud of her accomplishments and how she takes care of her family and others who are important to her. The crown she wears shows her status and achievements. The green veil flowing from her crown tells she is connected to the earth. Above her, we see a luscious garland of red roses growing across the top, signifying her life is full with love, relationships, family, friends and romantic interests. We see a rabbit in the foreground, telling us the time is right for new beginnings.
The words associated with the Queen of Pentacles include truth, abundance, rewards, independence, thoughtfulness, sometimes melancholy, and rewards for hard work. When the Queen of Pentacles shows up in your reading, know that things are starting to ripen. You have the help to draw from within and make it happen. Rewards are coming soon. Sometimes when this card appears, there may be a new love interest on the horizon.