Oxalis acetosella

This thriving plant is always abundant and looking lovely in my garden. It looks like a tall clover, but isn’t (though related!) At the top of this kelly green, long stem is three heart shape, flat leaves accompanied by a flower sprouting through. The flower can be a brilliant yellow, white or a soft purple. It is a delicacy with some European chefs, as some particular species of Wood Sorrel are edible with a lemony flavour. Wood Sorrel is boasting with vitamin A and C and also contains iron, magnesium and manganese. It helps with liver, digestive and urinary tract issues. But do be careful if you eat too much, it can cause tummy upset. Always be careful that you’re not eating what may have been in the dogs path…capisce!? Wink wink! Wood Sorrel is long associated with the Fairies. If you’re lucky, you might see one dancing in the sorrel. Magically, this herb is used for protection, healing, good luck and fortune.  

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