Are you ready to receive? When the Ace of Wands shows up in your reading, the time is now for a new beginning and opportunities for success abounds. Looking at the card, we see a right hand coming out of the clouds. The hand is our creator, reaching out and offering what you need or what is now due, in line with what you want and need. We see the hand holding a wand with sprouting leaves. Leaves signify growth and 8 leaves falling signifies transformation. In the background, we see a little river flowing easy and running through the valley. The castle on top of the hill represents your home and what you want in terms of stability, success, comfort. Words associated with this card include opportunity, vitality, enthusiasm, natural force, breakthrough, ambition and new beginnings. You can’t go wrong when this card shows up! The Ace of Wands is telling you the time is now…a new opportunity is here. All the elements are clear and calm, the universe is on your side. It’s time to take that leap. Go for it!

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