Who would have thought a bitter little cocoa seed would give us such decadent delicacies! I, myself, can never pass up a box of See’s candy! Some people abhor chocolate and for that, I feel sorry for them.  

European chocolate, which I prefer, has a higher sugar and fat content. That being said, some domestic chocolate has a waxy taste…I can never turn down a chocolate Kiss either, Yummy! Preference aside, there are some health benefits to chocolate. The benefits of chocolate are mostly found in dark chocolate that have 70% cocoa, not in milk chocolate which is loaded with sugar and condensed milk. Dark chocolate has flavonoids and antioxidants that help keep a healthy heart, gut and brain. Chocolate also releases that ‘feel good’ hormone, endorphins, who doesn’t like that happy feeling?  

Unfortunately, during my research I’m reading some startling accounts of child trafficking and children being sold as slaves in West African Nations to cultivate cocoa beans. I think perhaps, the world needs to wake up to this atrocity. I don’t want to get political, just bringing awareness. 

There is a lot of folklore about the Witchery of chocolate used to cast spells to enhance that loving feeling if you get my drift *wink wink* There are those endorphins at work again, making chocolate an aphrodisiac. Every year on All Hallows Eve, I enjoy a cup of steamy, spiced chocolate. It is made by simmering a quart of milk with a poblano chili cut up and a couple of cinnamon sticks for 15 minutes. Then strain by pouring over a mixture of about a cup of dark and milk chocolate chips while whisking to incorporate and melt the chocolate. Then just pour in a special mug and enjoy! Ohhh the dreams I have and the spirit visits are amazing…I’m not kidding!

Happy sipping!

*Photo by Yvette Marquez