It’s that time again in the midst of Autumn, Winter is fast approaching. As days get shorter and the air crisper, we start to get ready for this dormant time of the year. Fallen leaves are plentiful, paving the pathways like a crimson carpet! Pumpkins are popping up in time for Halloween. Our Summer harvest has been picked, eaten, preserved and shared. We are now grooming for the winter yield. Oh, do I love beets and root vegetables! During this dormant time we are, or will be experiencing shorter, darker days, harsh weather, and cold, chilly evenings. It’s easy to stay nestled in your home by the fire with a good book…but please…don’t stay too dormant! Come out of your Winter cave and enjoy! Create new Winter celebrations, invite your friends for a soup party. It’s a time for warm meals, warm breads, savory stews, pot roast and delicious soups simmered for hours. During this time, it’s important to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. Bundle up for those early morning walks, runs or bike rides. I love walking on the beach after a storm. Mother Nature can be so fierce, it is both shocking and amazing to see what can happen to a shoreline and what is left behind after a bad storm. Bad weather can be scary and devastating, nobody wants to be out in it. But when the weather clears, try and get out to enjoy the fresh air. I love walks after a rain, listening to the soft sound of water dropping from the foliage. I love feeling the soft ground under my boots and breathing in that fresh air. I guess it’s my English heritage. To me, it’s exhilarating!! The truth is we are healthier staying outdoors during the cold months. Take a moment to ponder if you are out in the elements enough during the cold, rainy, snowy, freezing months. Because, before you know, it will be springtime again!

*Today I will come up with ways to stay connected and enjoy the outdoors daily during the cold, dormant months.*

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