Where are your cobwebs?

This card freaks out more people than any other card in the deck. It is believed that the Original Tarot’s major arcana was about political figures and occurrences of the time. I believe this to be so with the Death card. We see a lot of angels, religious figures, Christian and Judaism legal figures and many higher ups of the times. I feel the Death card is political as well, with a strong message of rebirth. Yes, it looks gruesome. Nobody wants to see the Grim Reaper and dead people laying around! I feel that a lot of the symbolism in this card is about the War of the Roses and Tudor England. The flag that the Grim Reaper is holding is a Tudor Rose. Henry the Vlll was a Tudor and he created the Church of England, hence the Religious figure reaching out toward the horse. The dead King could be Richard the lll or Henry Vll. We also see the Sun rising through two towers, giving hope to a new beginning. When this card appears there is an ending happening so don’t fight it, something new and better could be next. This could be a physical death but not always. Questions of the querent and other cards in the spread will help determine this. Words associated with this card can mean feuds, endings, death, sickness, new beginnings, fresh starts, altered state, life cycles. Usually something is coming to an end and it’s time for a change and a recharge. Life is cyclical, we are constantly revamping and renewing our existence by learning new things and getting rid of old habits and ways. The Death card could also be telling you to clean out the cobwebs in your life by getting rid of what no longer works or is needed. It’s saying make way for new beginnings. This could be getting rid of people, habits, where you live or what you do everyday. Where are your cobwebs? What do you need to get rid of? Here’s to rebirth and new beginnings!