The Fall Equinox is upon us and those long, warm, Summer days are behind us. I live in California and the seasons changing aren’t as noticeable as other parts of the nation…but very noticeable to me! During the late months of Summer, I can feel Autumn coming our way. The leaves on the trees start showing golden highlights from the hot sun. Slowly, the long days of Summer start to get a wee bit shorter, as days will rapidly continue to get shorter for the next 12 weeks. How magnificent is nature? The cycles change slowly. Mother Nature is magnificent and powerfulI! I love watching the trees turn to brilliant yellows, gold, crimson and purple. Oh, I love Autumn! Here comes the warm sweaters, blankets, soups and drinks. Getting a whiff of the spicy aromas of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, anise, pine…all these of course will become more fragrant as we plop into the holidays…oh no, did I say that!? I love the cool, crisp mornings of Fall that turn into warm afternoons and balmy evenings. Time to put my pen down, go for a walk and relish in the changing season…
Happy Autumn!!

✨Today I will spend time in the outdoors and notice three things about the changing seasons.✨

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“Live from your heart!”
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