What’s you’re alter ego…

It’s that time of year again! Is your costume ready? You either love to dress up in costume or hate it! Sometimes, the outcome of what you put together isn’t quite what you conjured up in your minds eye and you feel foolish. Sometimes, it’s spectacular! One year my son spent hours on his “Grim Reaper” costume and it was amazing!! He carried a sickle made of cardboard and tin foil and a cape and mask that was frightful! You couldn’t find a kinder, more mild-mannered person to be something so scary. After all, it was Halloween! This costume was a winner…until he got pulled over by police for scaring people! He wasn’t causing trouble or accosting anyone, just walking door to door! Yes, it’s true…small town Halloween drama! We have laughed over that ever since! Years ago, well okay, decades ago when I was five, I was a witch and my sister was a pirate. We had the most amazing costumes! I, of course, was a little tot with a black dress, cape and hat AND…my father made me broom to complete the look. He tied twigs on a branch that my grandfather had from trimming his trees. I loved that broom, it was perfect! My sister was a pirate and he made her a sword, it was so cool! We had so much fun that year. Over the years, I’ve had so much fun putting costumes together for my family, friends and Mardi Gras. You can have great fun in incognito for a few hours. Allowing both your inner child and imagination to have some fun is good for all of us. Some people hate fancy dress, as my mother called it. I guess it’s uncomfortable to reveal that secret side. Oh, come on, don’t be such a fuddy duddy. Have some fun! Letting that alter ego fairy, fireman, scary monster, grim reaper or witch out for an evening of fun is great! I’m so excited, this year I’m going as a flapper in my red sequined dress with fringe!! Go on, give it a go and let your alter ego have some fun! What are you going as?!

Happy Halloween!

Today I will nurture my alter ego and have some fun with my inner child pretending!