My English Grandfather was very much into nutrition, never ate refined sugar and he always had a huge can of honey. He taught me so much about the benefits of raw honey and bees wax. Honey will cure anything, he told me! He also said that bees wax will give you the softest skin! Actually, he wasn’t wrong or far from the truth. I used to buy my honey at the farmers market from the bee keepers wife. She said her husband, the bee keeper, said it would take three lifetimes to tell you all the benefits of honey. I believe that!! Honey has so many nutrients and antioxidants, you can’t count them all. It is good for your heart, inflammation, colds and much more. Let’s just say, it’s great for your overall well being. Pure, raw honey is clean…just don’t put a dirty spoon in it! It is known that if you eat honey collected from your area, it will help keep hay fever at bay! Honey loses its power if it is heated up. The flavour is good but the properties are not as potent. In other wards, please don’t heat your honey. These busy, melliferous creatures worked so hard for each spoonful. Folklore says honey is the nectar of the Gods representing pleasure, sweetness, truth and knowledge. Honey is associated with prosperity and abundance. Be kind to Bees, they keep us alive! 

“Live from your heart!”

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