Here’s a powerful leader! This King sits on his throne on a grassy knoll. We see behind him what appears to be the back of his chair decorated or carved with butterflies, a symbol of new beginnings. The weather appears to be changing or the storm is clearing. Two birds flying, representing messages or negotiations sent. The King of Swords is not an emotional king. He is rational, intelligent, brave, skillful and knows his power as well as your shortcomings. He is diplomatic as well as fierce. He is stern in his beliefs. Usually in a reading, the King of swords is a man of authority whether he is in law-enforcement, a lawyer, in the military, a doctor, a principal of a school or your dad. The King of Swords word is The word. Now, if the querent has a question about love, this meaning might change. It could be that the King of Swords is telling us the person in question needs to be in authority, or it could be connected to the astrological sign of Libra which is associated with this card. It could also mean that his profession is connected to this card. Whatever the question, this is a good King to have on your side. He knows what you need and will help you get it. But sadly, sometimes when this card appears it is a warning and you might get a speeding ticket!! Careful!!…Just sayin!

“Live from your heart!”

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