Work, work, work, patience and reward…that is the theme here! This quiet Knight stands firm on his stallion stationary, watching over you and your accomplishments. Looking at the background, we see the field has been harvested. The knight is holding in his hand a pentacle as though he is handing it to you. It’s your reward for hard work. At times, it feels as though you are a hamster in a cage. Constantly moving toward the goal, working hard, trying to move forward toward the reward. The good news is when this Knight shows up, you are about to get your reward!! Knights are almost always about messages and timing. Sometimes this Knight will bring the message of an old love. Usually one that was a lot of work. The surrounding cards in a full reading always give us more information as to what you can expect. Most of the time, this Knight of Pentacles is all about work, completion, achievement, goals, projects, accomplishments and patience. All your hard work is about to reap the benefits and rewards. Give yourself a pat on the back, good work!

“Live from your heart!”

AR GruviMystics