Vll of Cups

This card is very dreamy!! There’s so much going on in this card, it’s hard to find a place to start. It reminds me of a weird dream! The seven of Cups has a lot of Pisces energy as we see seven cups floating in the clouds representing illusions, dreams and desires. There is a dark silhouette figure, which usually represents the querent or the person in question, standing and reaching for the seven levitating cups. Each of the cups is filled with something different. The top row has three cups. In the first cup is a head, representing intellect and wisdom. In the next cup is a person in a white robe, symbolizing faith and self illumination. Lastly, in the top row is a serpent or snake, representing temptation, fear and curiosity. The bottom row has four cups which represent our desires. In the first cup, we see a castle, meaning power, stability and home. The Next cup is overflowing with jewels, signifying wealth, abundance and opulence. This is followed by a laurel wreath symbolic of success, accomplishments, victory and honor. Lastly we see a Dragon with a black bird signifying destruction, anger, calamity or it can also represent fantasy. This card is both dreamy and spiritual. When it appears in your reading you’re being told your fantasy is intertwined with your reality. Stop and assess your desires. Are you clever enough to achieve the desire? What are the road blocks telling you? Is this really what you want? Don’t fool yourself into believing something is right for you when it isn’t. If you’re at a crossroad meditate, pay attention and listen to your soul. You can have what you want, you just need to get real about your desires and what they will bring. The Seven of Cups states very clearly… be careful what you ask for as sometimes we don’t see the big picture.  

“Live from your heart!”

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