It’s that time again…we gain an hour of sleep. That’s right, we fall back one hour! The days are rapidly getting shorter and Old Man Winter will be here before you know it, with our longest night. Time just passes right before our eyes…tick tick…the seconds rapidly turn into minutes, hours, days, months and then oh God, it’s Years!! Before you know it, 10 years have come and gone! Ok I’ll stop! Think about what you remember vividly. Why is that moment in time so vivid and others lost? Sometimes, a photograph will spark your memory. Other times, a friend will remind you with great excitement about a memory you completely lost. The friend will recite numerous facts about the huge event that you’ve completely forgotten to no avail…it’s lost in your memory bank nowhere to be found. The truth is, that memory wasn’t as spectacular to you as it was to your friend. We all experience that at one time. We all have our special moments in time that we cherish. The big question for me is, where does time go? I often wonder if time is energy or memory. Is time really there? That question takes me to time travel. As fascinating is it sounds, is it possible? Oh well, I’ll save that thought for another day. The important question is, are you making the best of your time? Are you wasting time? Are you taking too much time? Time really is on your side! It’s up to you to get aquatinted with time and make the most use of it. The next time someone says hey got a minute, ponder for a moment…do you have a minute to spare? After all, a minute can change your life!